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Project Proposal

The goal of this project is to assist Fehr & Peers in providing consulting services for the City of Downey’s Citywide Pedestrian Plan and Safety Program. We will create a clean and sophisticated visual identity that remains consistent across web, print and social platforms.

Below is a breakdown of the services Estevan Studio can provide to ensure a timely, efficient and professional execution of your project.


Visual Identity Development – 2160

2160 to start + 180/month of maintenance (up to 18 hours)

The most important visual aspect of a brand is its identity. We will produce a fully developed visual identity kit that includes identity files in print and web formats, a custom color palette, and a brand typography selection to be used across all marketing channels for consistent brand presence.


Website Design & Development – 6720

3840 to start + 480/month of maintenance & updates (up to 56 hours)

Build and maintain a beautifully designed, easy-to-use website that features: master meeting schedule, project information updates, announcements, event registration links, newsletter signup forms, interactive map, embedded surveys, embedded maps, social media connectivity and English & Spanish translation options. Work with and provide the City’s webmaster with materials and content for posting on city website on a regular basis. Hosting fees for website and third-party integrations not included.


Email Newsletter Design & Development – 3600

1440 to start + 360/month of maintenance (up to 30 hours)

Create a database to gather and manage stakeholder emails from various touch points: website, social media and/or manual input from registration forms. Design and develop a schedule of email newsletters to send stakeholders project updates, meeting announcements, event registration, etc. Provide the option for stakeholders to choose English or Spanish newsletter updates.


Marketing Design – 6480

2880 to start + 600/month of maintenance (up to 54 hours)

Design digital and print friendly collateral, including but not limited to: project fact sheet, meeting notices, sign-in sheets, comment cards, agendas, surveys, meeting signage, directional signage and PowerPoint presentations. Maintain a list of distributed materials. Provide English & Spanish for each as necessary. Cost of printing not included.

Social Media Program – 3600

1440 to start + 360/month of maintenance & updates (up to 30 hours)

Create Facebook and Instagram accounts, link to newsletter and website, and manage a schedule of posts that coincide with upcoming events, project details and developments. This will include graphic design, images and copywriting. Cost of promoted ads not included.


Photography – 2160

2 events + 1 day in Downey (up to 18 hours)

Provide photography services of community workshops and events and deliver images on a beautiful web gallery that offers full gallery and individual image download. Images will be utilized for web, marketing and social media purposes.

Total: 24,720 (206 hours)
Additional work will be billed at $120 hourly.

Our service includes our collaborative effort with your team in creating compelling copy, a cohesive and familiar graphic identity that aligns with the City of Downey, and a deep understanding of this particular community’s dynamics. We look forward to working with you.

Gabriel Enamorado

Creative Director & Designer

Juliana Canty

Project Manager & Writer