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Vibe Killer

There has been a slight resurgence in me to begin shooting again. I took a really long break - mainly because of the organization and gallery I started with my closest friends.

But also, (and this is hard to admit), I lost a touch of my willingness to push boundaries with photography. I think mainly, it was the stress put on by taking on such a huge project. When we first opened Stay Gallery, the organization behind it, Downey Art Vibe, was also on the rise. We had two "babies" in our hands that were growing up, and we didn't exactly know where it was all going.

With that being said, things are a lot more stable now. The success behind the gallery is noticeable on all fronts, and it is only getting better, and more focused. With that, I've been able to catch my breath in a sense, step back, relax, and pull out my camera. And the itch to shoot is back, but with a new, mature taste. In the last week, I have photographed two good friends of mine, Priscilla and Crystal. I told myself recently that I was going to stray away from beauty/fashion style photography, but honestly, I have such a blast doing it. It's a way for me to test new ideas and create something beautiful.

 Baby Blue

Baby Blue