It's such a great word, isn't it? This year, and more specifically, the last few months, it seems as though every day has been filled with it. No, I will not define it for you. Google it. I probably Google 3-4 new words a week, then I like them, pay attention to them, get over them, and move on... Like most of my relationships.

As a photographer, I am given the opportunity to capture some of the most important moments of people's lives, the feeling is hard to put into words. From engagements, to weddings, and even the small things like birthdays and graduations - they all mean something to everyone. What about serendipity, you say?

The last two engagement sessions I photographed were for two very special people - Brandy and her fiancé, and James and his fiancé. Each of them I've known for well over 5 years, and have added to my personal growth more than they probably realize. The fact that they are both getting married, and asked for engagement photos within two weeks of each other is very, um... Serendipitous.

I met James during my stint at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), he was in the graphic design program, and I had him for a few classes. We stayed acquaintances throughout the years, and stayed in touch well after finishing school. He worked for Creative Recreation for some time, and they were looking for someone to create a "lifestyle" video for their Spring and Summer collections. I had never done work for a company that big, nor had I felt so much weight on my shoulders to do so. Without much of a track record, I was put on the job and I delivered some of the best video work I have done. Not to mention, I got to work with Emily Ratajkowski before realizing who she was going to become.

I met Brandy not long after through a mutual friend. She was working for Brand Equity Showroom in Los Angeles, and I was just a little pup. One of the brands they represented was being featured in L.A. Fashion Week, and they needed photo and video coverage. Not sure why, but I assured them I could do both. I assume what I delivered was more than her company expected, because they continued referring and hiring me to photograph and film every time they needed it, and still do until this day.

The amount of work that avalanched my way due to them afterwards is unmeasurable. If it wasn't for them, a lot of what I have accomplished today in my creative career would never have been. I cannot thank them enough for the opportunities that they have given me, and to have chosen me to photograph the most important moments of their personal lives has been an amazing honor.

Brandy & Rico

James & Maria