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Gabriel Estevan Enamorado

Founder of Estevan Studio
Executive Director of Stay Gallery

As a lifelong purveyor of the arts and technology, my career has focused on empowering stories through graphic design, photography, copywriting and website development.

As a designer, I develop and manage a wide variety of digital and print assets that visually align businesses and organizations with their purpose. As a photographer, I capture people’s most memorable and intimate moments, from their wedding day to their first birthday. Naturally, photography has found its way into my design work, combining each practice to help businesses and organizations visually tell their story.

In 2012, I was a co-founder and the creative director of Stay Gallery, a nonprofit organization and creative space. There, I established its brand, designed the space, and created and oversaw its exhibits and workshops. In 2014, we founded Stay Studio, an in-house design studio, where I developed the brand identity for the City of Downey, Downey Unified School District, and The Downey Patriot. Wanting to further explore my potential, I left the organization in 2016 to create Estevan Studio.

Estevan Studio is a forward-thinking creative studio that offers brand consulting, graphicdesign, photography, copywriting and website development for businesses and organizations seeking to evolve their brand for the digital age. From ideation to implementation, we aim tobecome an indispensable partner to the people we work with.

In February of 2019, I returned to Stay Gallery as Executive Director. I am directly responsible for steering the vision of the organizations’ programs, exhibits and events. I oversee its partnerships, sponsorships and memberships, and develop and maintain every aspect of its visual communication through print and web. I look forward every day to continue its mission of guiding individuals towards the discovery and utilization of their creativity through the arts.

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Estevan Studio is operated from the upstairs office within Stay Gallery. To visit, please schedule an appointment.
(562) 294-6286

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